Clean Peak Power (CPP) Scheduler

The CPP Scheduler provides optimal remote scheduling of energy storage when operating with other on-site equipment such as solar, CHP and shiftable electric loads.  The software enables commercial, industrial and institutional clients to participate in utility/ISO incentive programs such as demand response and clean peak credits as well as from energy arbitrage with time-of-use pricing. 


The software’s AI-based optimization algorithms are the most advanced in the industry, utilizing an energy flow model that incorporates every possible type of on-site energy equipment, both electrical and thermal.  Illustrated below is a graphical output from CPP Scheduler showing the energy flows in MWhs for a specific hour for a complex industrial site that has electric energy storage. 

Day-Ahead Scheduling

An optimal schedule for the site’s energy operations over the next 24 hours is developed based on not only the equipment, their costs and constraints, and loads, but participation in various incentive programs and time-based electricity pricing.  Illustrated below is a graphical output from CPP Scheduler showing the hourly levels of charging and discharging of the site’s energy storage as well as the charging source (CHP) and the discharging sinks (electrical load and utility grid).

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