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has transacted over a billion dollars of these financial incentives on behalf of our clients over the past 15 years while qualifying the first project in the US, as well as the first project in all the states with programs, for EECs including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Illinois. Green Harbor is active in the incentive markets throughout the US with an emphasis in the Northeast and the middle Atlantic States.

Green Harbor Energy

is a leader in monetizing financial incentives for commercial, industrial and institutional clients with clean energy investments in renewable energy generation and energy efficiency savings. 

There are numerous financial incentives that Green Harbor may qualify your clean energy project to receive on a one-time or ongoing basis, including: environmental credits, usually state-based,  such as Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), Energy Efficiency Credits (EECs), Clean Peak Credits (CPCs) and Carbon (GHG) Offsets, Utility/ISO programs such as Demand Response (DR) and Real-Time Pricing, and Federal EPA programs such as the new Renewable Identification Number (eRIN) program. 

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While recognized for pioneering these incentive markets, the team is also known for its engineering expertise in Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Anaerobic Digestion (AD), Photovoltaic (PV) solar, electric energy storage (batteries), and ground and air source heat pump systems.  As a result, the Green Harbor team has qualified more clean energy projects to receive financial incentive than any other company. For example, we have qualified more CHP systems and air source heat pumps for the Massachusetts Alternative Portfolio Standard (APS) program more than any other provider by several times over.


Green Harbor Energy’s  philosophy of service has always been driven by two principals.

First, our clients are in the business of producing golf balls, salad dressings, medical lasers, pharmaceutical drugs, specialty papers as well as operating hospitals, grocery stores, and hotels.  They are not in the business of monetizing the value of financial incentives from their clean energy projects, we are.  So we provide comprehensive, all encompassing, end-to-end services to our clients that sometimes referred to as “Soup-to-Nuts”. This means Green Harbor is providing all required engineering analysis, qualifying your project, monitoring in near real-time site operations while collecting, storing and managing all applicable data, certifying incentives with the participation of independent 3rd-party verifiers, selling and marketing of incentives, contracting with buyers, managing price risk while assuming delivery and other contractual risks, executing the transfers and delivery, and processing payments.

Second, most of these financial incentives are active markets with price volatility. Our clients have operational budgets and expectations of predicable future revenues.  So we have always been compensated by a percentage of the revenues from the monetization of the incentives.  As a result, our interests are fully aligned with our client’s interests in maximizing the revenues while creating future predictability.  Green Harbor is dedicated to managing the price risk in these markets where we proactively engage in forward sales through our large network of long-established buyer relationships and excellent credit standing.  For clients developing clean energy projects that only receive one-time payments, we often provide price guarantees to manage the risk of lower prices when the projects are actually are completed and can qualify.

We apply this philosophy to serving our clients in the following financial incentive programs:

Environmental Credits

All these credit programs from NJ Class I RECs to MA Solar II RECs require the collection, management and submission of energy-related data.  Some such as the MA CPC and APS programs have time-dependency and complex calculations.  Therefore, as part of our service, Green Harbor provides the Clean Energy Management System (CEMS) to automate and relieve our clients from data management tasks.

Utility/ISO Programs

These incentive programs such as the Connected Solution’s Daily dispatch or the NEPOOL Demand Response (DR) program can require complete site monitoring,  weather tracking, electric grid pricing and equipment optimization.  As a result,  Green Harbor provides the AI-based Clean Peak Power Scheduler (CPP Scheduler) to remotely manage and schedule (or dispatch) site operations of equipment such as energy storage.

EPA Programs

New programs such as the eRIN program require a unique combination of expertise and skills.  As a result, Green Harbor has teamed up with the leader in Renewable Natural Gas, Marvel Power Group, to provide the best service to our client in this emerging market.

Our Team

Green Harbor Energy’s Principals

Green Harbor Energy’s Partners

Paul R. MacGregor

Dr. MacGregor serves as President and CEO for Green Harbor Energy, where he leads the firm.  He has over 30 years experience in leading new market and technology developments in the areas of clean energy markets, energy management, energy trading and risk management and electric power systems. 

Thomas J. Flynn

Mr. Flynn serves as the Senior Vice President for Green Harbor Energy, where he leads the sales team and the strategic direction of all products and services.  He has over 30 years experience in sales and sales management with success in engaging many of the leading Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

Darrell R. Sandlin

Mr. Sandlin serves as the Director for Engineering Services for Green Harbor Energy, where he leads the qualification of efficiency projects and certification of their energy savings. He is an Energy Manager, Energy Auditor, and Measurement and Verification Professional certified by the Association of Energy Engineers.

Timothy P. Graham

Mr. Graham serves as the Director of Sales for Green Harbor Energy, where he provides direct sales engagement and client management services.  In this role, he provides in-depth energy procurement analysis, energy efficiency consulting, distributed generation and public utility expertise for his clients.  

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