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Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Green Harbor Energy helps owners and operators of CHP systems maximize the revenues from financial incentives, particularly Energy Efficiency Certificates (EECs), and optimize the operational efficiency of their system through our advanced, cloud-based software packages.  As pioneers of the EEC markets, our experts can:

  • Qualify your system with the state regulatory agency to create EECs, which includes the oversight of all metering, reviewing and documenting all process flows of electrical and useful thermal energy, establishing operational baselines, and projecting overall efficiencies
  • Incorporate our cloud-based monitoring system to collect in near real-time all energy-related data required for calculation and certification of EECs
  • Certify with the state regulatory agency the creation of EECs on a quarterly basis
  • Market EECs in aggregation from all clients as the contractual counter-party
  • Sell EECs on a spot and forward markets to utilities and trading companies
  • Deliver EECs to buyers through mandated exchanges and forward the sales proceeds

In addition, Green Harbor has developed a real-time operations scheduling software for optimizing complex energy systems with CHP, the Distributed Energy Operating System (DEOS), enables increased operational efficiency and greater EEC revenues.


Green Harbor Energy develops solar systems for industrial, commercial and institutional clients with no capital cost options and an emphasis on brownfield and landfill sites.

The no capital cost option offered by Green Harbor is similar to a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), except that the payments are fixed and guaranteed regardless of solar output. Specifically, Green Harbor leases the property, either a building structure, such as a rooftop, or land for a ground-mounted system, from our client for the life of the solar system.  This is a risk-free way to benefit from solar energy on your property both from a financial and a promotional point-of-view.  As also the marketer of the solar RECs, Green Harbor can offer the highest lease payment and the greatest financial return.

Green Harbor Energy, a subsidiary of a global leader in environmental engineering, Geosyntec Consultants, is uniquely qualified for developing brownfield and landfill.   Through Geosyntec, Green Harbor brings expertise in geotechnical studies, groundwater resource evaluations, environmental site assessments, endangered species assessments, permitting, CEQA/NEPA documentation, basin and pond permitting/design, hydrology and drainage studies, storm water permitting and compliance, erosion and sediment control, and FERC Licensing.

For solar systems already in development or installed, Green Harbor can help owners and operators of solar qualify their plants to meet RPS requirements, certify the plant’s production to create state-approved solar RECs, and market solar RECs to buyers in the marketplace.


Green Harbor Energy provides state-of-the-art Measurement & Verification (M&V) services for evaluation of energy savings from microgrid projects as well as advanced, cloud-based software packages for the real-time monitoring of microgrids and the operational optimization of microgrids.

Green Harbor Energy has developed a statistical state-of-the-art energy use model utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop baselines for the M&V of energy savings.  This highly accurate model with historical correlations exceeding 99% uses the energy data from our automated data collection system, described below, as well as comprehensive weather data.  The model has been used for the evaluation of energy savings from all types of energy conservation measures in office, retail, healthcare as well as other facility environments.

The Green Energy Monitoring System (GEMS) is an automated energy data collection and reporting system, which enables near real-time collection of fuel, electrical and thermal information and comprehensive monitoring of any complex energy system or microgrid.  This cloud-based system provides data for identifying metering and operational issues, operational control, and optimum scheduling from a single microgrid to a large portfolio of buildings.

For more information: https://greenharborenergy.com/software

Green Harbor has developed a real-time operations scheduling software for optimizing microgrids, the Distributed Energy Operating System (DEOS).  The software technology is based on a Mixed-Integer-Programming (MIP) representation of the all the possible energy flows both inter- and intra-site on any time increment basis (e.g. hour) over any time period (e.g. 24 hours). DEOS is integrated with GEMS to provide a near seamless cloud-based system for monitoring, alarms, scheduling and optimizing complex energy systems and microgrids.

For more information: https://greenharborenergy.com/software

Energy Efficiency Credits (EECs) represent the “green” environmental benefits, or attributes, of energy efficiency savings from Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems or energy conservation measures.
Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois and Pennsylvania
Microgrids are localized grids with complex configurations of Distributed Generation (DG) and loads, typically at military bases, university campuses and industrial parks.
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