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Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Green Harbor Energy helps owners and operators of CHP systems maximize the revenues from financial incentives, particularly Energy Efficiency Certificates (EECs), and optimize the operational efficiency of their system through our advanced, cloud-based software packages.  As pioneers of the EEC markets, our experts can:

  • Qualify your system with the state regulatory agency to create EECs, which includes the oversight of all metering, reviewing and documenting all process flows of electrical and useful thermal energy, establishing operational baselines, and projecting overall efficiencies
  • Incorporate our cloud-based monitoring system to collect in near real-time all energy-related data required for calculation and certification of EECs
  • Certify with the state regulatory agency the creation of EECs on a quarterly basis
  • Market EECs in aggregation from all clients as the contractual counter-party
  • Sell EECs on a spot and forward markets to utilities and trading companies
  • Deliver EECs to buyers through mandated exchanges and forward the sales proceeds
Energy Efficiency Credits (EECs) represent the “green” environmental benefits, or attributes, of energy efficiency savings from Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems or energy conservation measures.
Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois and Pennsylvania
Microgrids are localized grids with complex configurations of Distributed Generation (DG) and loads, typically at military bases, university campuses and industrial parks.
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