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Innovative Software

Automated Monitoring Software

Green Harbor Energy has developed the Green Energy Monitoring System (GEMS), which is an automated energy data collection and reporting system. The cloud-based system enables near real-time collection of fuel, electrical and thermal data and comprehensive monitoring of any CHP system or more complex microgrid. Our software team helps configure our clients’ equipment for “pushing” their energy data to our secure FTP server whether it is a simple data logger, an energy management system, or a more complex building automation system. By pushing the data instead of pulling the data, the security and integrity of our client’s IT system is preserved and protected. In addition to reporting all energy-related data for alarm events and operational scheduling, GEMS continuously calculates the production of EECs on an hourly basis for all qualified CHP systems. As a result, our EEC clients have immediate visibility to potential EEC sales revenues before the end of each quarter. Log in to our GEMS system »


Scheduling Optimization Software

Green Harbor has developed a real-time operations scheduling software for optimizing microgrids, the Distributed Energy Operating System (DEOS). The software technology is based on a Mixed-Integer-Programming (MIP) representation of the all the possible energy flows both inter- and intra-site on any time increment basis (e.g. hour) over any time period (e.g. 24 hours). These energy flows, which are optimally scheduled by the software include:

  1. Purchase of electricity from the electric grid
  2. Generation of electricity from an on-site generator
  3. Storing of electric energy in batteries
  4. Generation of electricity and thermal energy from an on-site cogeneration system
  5. Storing of thermal energy in a storage tank
  6. Generation of thermal energy in the form of steam or hot water from an on-site boiler
  7. Use of electric energy for on-site loads from the electric utility, on-site generator, cogeneration, or batteries
  8. Shifting of the usage of electric energy during the day
  9. Using thermal energy for on-site loads from the boiler, CHP or storage tank
  10. Shifting of the usage of thermal energy during the day
  11. Selling electricity to the utility from the on-site generator, cogeneration or batteries.

DEOS is integrated with GEMS to provide a near seamless cloud-based system for monitoring, alarms, scheduling and optimizing complex energy systems and microgrids.

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